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Welcome to the Soccer Betting FAQ section for Our goal is to help you to improve your betting experience by knowing more about Soccer Betting. So we’re here to help you find out how to get started, and will take you through from Registration, FICA, depositing, placing your soccer bets, what kind of bonuses you can expect, and finally how to withdraw. Take a look at the best soccer betting site in South Africa, and we also have a detailed guide to soccer betting on Betway, and soccer streaming guide.

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The first thing you need in order to bet on soccer, is an online betting account. There are plenty of betting sites in South Africa, some are new and some have been around for many years. Some of the betting sites that have been operating in South Africa for awhile include Sportingbet SA, Supabets, Hollywoodbets, Betxchange and WSB. Some of the new betting sites in South Africa include Betway SA, Sportpesa, Sunbet, and GGGaming. Yes, you should have more than 1 betting account.
You can choose to register with one, a few or all of them. Our recommendation is to register with a site that you trust and to possibly have 2 other betting accounts with other betting sites, so a total of 3. This allows you to get multiple deposit bonuses, compare odds, but still have enough money in each betting wallet to make it worth having. Splitting your funds between too many betting accounts is not a good idea. Once you have selected the betting site(s) you want to play with, you need to register. Each betting site will have a slightly different registration form and process, but they will all typically need the following from you on registration:
ID Number/Passport Number
If not a South African citizen, then your Foreign passport and work permit.
Physical address
Phone number
Email address

Some sites might only ask for a few of these details initially, but they will need all of them before you can actually start to bet with them.
A few sites will also send you an email confirmation (with a link in the email you need to click on) or an SMS with an OTP which you need to verify. This is to ensure that the contact details you have provided are correct. It is also to ensure that only 1 account is created with a mobile number/email address to help prevent duplicate accounts (which is against the terms and conditions of every South Africa betting site).

Registration Bonuses/Free Bets

Some sites have what are called Registration Bonuses. These are like free bets that you get just for registering, no deposit required. They are offered as an incentive to register with them, as well as to get you placing your first bets. These registration bonuses are not available to withdraw as cash and are provided purely as bonus bets. They will typically also have certain criteria such as rollover limits and minimum odds. At the moment the sites offering registration bonuses include Betway; Hollywoodbets (with their R25 Free bet), WSB (with their R50 free bet) and Supabets (with their R50 free bet).

Deposit Steps

Once you have successfully registered with a betting site, you now need to deposit funds into your betting wallet so that you can start to bet. Each betting site offers a variety of deposit options, but most decent sites will offer the following deposit options:
1Voucher, OTTVoucher, BLUVoucher, Kazang, Ozow, SID, PeachPayments, EFT, and Credit Card. Some of these are betting vouchers (which are like airtime vouchers), and these are a very popular betting deposit method. We have provided detailed instructions for certain betting sites, so you can see how to deposit on Betway SA, how to deposit on Hollywoodbets, and how to deposit on WSB. If you deposit with vouchers, credit card or instant EFT like Ozow, then your betting wallet should show your balance immediately. If you do a manual EFT it can take a few days to clear.

First Deposit Bonuses

Almost every betting site in South Africa offers some sort of a First Deposit Bonus. This is because getting users to make the first deposit is the most difficult part of getting new players. Once a player has made a first deposit, they typically continue to make them and play on that betting site. The deposit bonuses vary (see all deposit bonuses) from bookmaker to bookmaker, but typically are a % match of the amount you deposit, and most will offer a 100% up to 200% deposit match bonus. They will then also limit the actual amount to be between R1000 to R20 000. The first deposit bonuses are typically paid into a bonus wallet, meaning that the amount can not be withdrawn, needs to be rolled over a few times and at certain minimum odds. Whether you are able to withdraw the money or not, it is still free betting money that can be played with.

So now you have registered and deposited, so what’s next to get you betting on soccer. Next you need to actually start building your betslips and placing bets. Before we do that, we need to understand the Soccer Betting Markets.

Soccer Betting Markets

In soccer, you have many options for placing your bets, and these are called the bet markets. The multitude of markets is one reason why online soccer betting is becoming more popular than retail betting.
This is the most popular betting market for soccer. It is called 1×2. 1 is for Home, X is for Draw and 2 is for Away. When you bet on this market you are betting on the ultimate outcome of the match in terms of which team wins, or whether it is a draw. If you believe the Home team will win it, you bet 1. This is a popular bet market as it is very easy to understand, but also because the betting sites make good money from it, it is promoted heavily by them. The problem with this market is that there is no room for error.
The over/under market is also a very popular market as it is also easy to understand and fun to bet on. Here you are betting whether the total number of goals scored (total being both teams added together) will be over or under a certain number. For example, if you bet Under 1.5, then you are predicting that by the time the final whistle is blown, the total goals scored will be less than 2. The most popular Over/Under market is the Over/Under 2.5 Market. Here you are betting on whether the total number of goals scored in the game will be over 2.5 or under 2.5, meaning more than 2 goals or 2 goals or less.
Both Teams to Score (BTTS)
This betting market refers to whether you think both of the teams will score in the match or if only one of them will. There are variations of this market, and you can bet whether you think one team will or won’t score in a particular half of the game as well. Below is a better list of each market and what it means. Read our article on how to place a BTTS bet.

1. 1X2
This is a very popular outright win bet which is almost always available with all bookmakers, a bookmaker can miss several markets but the 1×2 is an ever present market where you simply have to predict whether the Home or Away team will win a match or whether the match will end in a Draw. 
2. Accumulator
This is a multi-fixture bet whereby all your selections have to win for you to win. An accumulator consists of two or more selections.
3. Anytime Goal Scorer
This is a player based bet where a punter backs a player to score within the regulation time of 90 minutes. it really doesn’t matter at which point or in which half the player scores the goal.
4. Asian Handicap
Asian handicap refers to soccer betting whereby teams are handicapped according to their form, so that an advantaged team must win by more goals than a weaker team.
5. Both Teams To Score
BTTS or Both Teams To Score is a very popular soccer bet where you bet on whether both teams will score or not. 
6. Clean Sheet
The clean sheet market enables you to place a bet backing a team to end the game without conceding a single goal either by a goalless draw or winning to nil.
7. Correct Score
Correct Score is a prediction on the final score of a soccer game will be after either half time or full time.
8. Double Chance
 A ‘Double Chance’ bet is a bet type that allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a football match, ie, (Home Draw Away) with one bet. 
9. Draw no Bet
‘Draw no Bet’ is commonly used in betting. If a player backs a team in the ‘Draw no bet’ market, his bet will win if his team emerge victorious, while the full stake will be refunded in case of a draw. The bet loses if the backed team lose the game.
10. European Handicap
A European Handicap is a bet type where a whole number of points or goals is added to the underdog and accordingly subtracted from the favourite.
11. First Goal Interval
A fairly difficult but rewarding betting market where you have to predict the interval of the first goal. Available intervals are the first 10 minutes, 20 minutes and so on.
12. First Corner
This is a bet where you have to predict the team which will win the first corner kick in a match. 
13. First Goal Scorer
A simple and straightforward bet where you simply have to predict the player to score the first goal of the match. This bet can be settled at any point of the match even in the first minute.
14. First Team To Score
The first team to score market enables the punter to predict the team which will score the first goal in the match, the final result does not matter.
15. Half Time Result
This is a market whereby a punter bets on the halftime result only and this bet is not affected by the full time result. This is a fairly winnable market because most matches tend to be evenly matched in the first half.
16. Halftime/Fulltime Bet
The Halftime/Fulltime bet is also very popular with punters because it offers them a chance to improve the odds especially if the full time odds have a low value.
17. Handicap Betting
Handicap betting is where one selection in an event is given a handicap to overcome in order to win. 
18. Highest Scoring Half
This bet option allows the punter to bet on which half will have the most goals between the first and second half. 
19. Last Goal Scorer
A simple and straightforward bet where you simply have to predict the player to score the final goal of the match. 
20. Last Team To Score
The last team to score market enables the punter to predict the team which will score the last goal in the match, the final result does not matter.
21. Odd/Even
One of the simple bets you will ever come across where you simply have to bet on the amount of goals that a match produces, that is, is the number of goal an even number or an odd number.
22. Outright
This is a bet which requires patience because it is settled after a long period of time. An outright bet is a one which is placed on the outcome of an entire league or competition.
23. Over/Under
‘Over/Under 2.5’ in betting is a bet on the total number of goals to be achieved in a match. What happens with this bet is the bookmaker sets a threshold of 2.5 and you have bet on whether the score will be 2 goals and below (Under 2.5) or 3 goals and more (Over 2.5)
24. Single
A single bet is a bet placed on just one selection, this is considered one of the safest bet types.
25. Specials
Specials in betting are wagers on events that may or may not happen during a soccer game, For example, Which player will score the first goal? Which player will score the last goal?Which player will be the first one booked?
26. Total Corner Kicks
An easy bet to understand where you have to bet on the number of corner kicks there will be in a given match. 
27. Total Cards
Total Cards is a very popular market where you are supposed to bet on the number of cards in a given match. this markets usually works on an over/under basis.
28. Treble
A treble is a bet consisting of three selections and the returns from the first are rolled over to the second, then the returns from the second rolled over to the third.
29. Value BetsA value bet is a bet where the probability of a given outcome is greater than the bookmakers odds reflect, it is also one of the best techniques for gaining profit.
30. Winner and number of goals
In this market a punter must correctly predict the team to win and the goal margin as well, you have to be confident to place this bet but it is very rewarding.
31. Winner and Both Teams to score
This bet requires you to bet on the full time result of a match and whether both teams will score or not. 

Placing your bet

Now that you know more about the soccer betting markets, you can actually build and place your bet. There are 2 different types of bets you can make. Single bets and multiple bets (multi bets). A single bet is when you bet on one thing only, like Manchester United to win. A multibet is when you add more selections to your betslip. The reason to do this, is that as you add more and more selections, the odds increase dramatically. Meaning, if you were to win, your potential payout will be substantially higher than if you were only doing single bets. As an example, single bets are typically odds of may 2/1 or 3/1. But Multibets can be odds of 30/1. A second reason to use multibets is that lots of betting sites offer multibet bonuses, so the more selections you add to your betslip, the higher a bonus they give you on top of your potential winnings. If you prefer pool betting, take a look at our guide to playing Sportstake pools.

Deposit Options

Because the bookmakers are always looking for ways to improve their services, more deposit methods have been introduced to ensure that the punters are able to deposit funds into their accounts whenever they need to. Nowadays, there are dozens of different payment methods like 1voucher, ottvoucher, Blu Voucher and many others which cover every punter’s need because punters prefer different payment methods. This article lists all the deposit methods from the SA betting sites and explains how each of them works.
1voucher is one of the popular payment and top-up method which allows a punter to top up their online betting accounts easily without the use of a bank card in a safe way. Most of the bookmakers in South Africa use 1voucher as a payment method for their punters who wish to fund their accounts. Various outlets across South Africa like Pep, Shoprite Ackermans, Checkers, OK, Usave, House & Home and Dealz. What happens is that a punter must buy a 1Voucher at any of the aforementioned bookmakers and the voucher will have a 16-digit PIN which will then be provided to the bookmaker either in store or on the website and the equivalent of the money on that voucher will instantly reflect in the account, you will notice that 1Voucher is similar to OTT vouchers and also the only problem with this method is that you cannot withdraw using this method.
Blu Voucher
Blu Voucher is a prepaid voucher which is also proving to be useful in the betting industry because punters can use these vouchers to fund their online betting accounts. The Blu Voucher is popular due to its simplicity because you simply have to buy your Blu Voucher from any merchant approved by Blu or any nearest WICONNECT store. After purchasing the voucher, you then need to proceed to your bookmaker’s online platform or shop in order to redeem the voucher and provide your 16 digit pin and the full value of the money on the voucher will reflect in your account. The great thing about Blu Vouchers are available in various denominations from R2 to R1 000. The voucher is one of the best deposit options available because there are no fees applicable to the voucher, however you cannot withdraw using this method.
OTT voucher
OTT voucher is a very popular contemporary online payment method which is used by a number of South African bookmakers like Hollywoodbets, Clickabet, Betway, Eazibet, Interbet, Playabets, Clickabet, and many other bookmakers. The OTT voucher is a cash voucher which can be purchased from over 400 outlets in South Africa at Makro, Game, Boxer, Rhino, Kazang, Cambridge Food and Cell Air and these vouchers enable consumers to convert their cash into an online currency which enables them to do online transactions like betting. A punter must physically pay cash at any of the retailers listed above in exchange for a voucher equivalent to the cash which can be redeemed online at a later stage. OTT vouchers are becoming increasingly popular as more people are now making use of online betting. An OTT voucher is denoted by a long PIN number which you then provide to your bookmaker either in store or on the website and your money will reflect in your account instantly and you will be able to place bets using those funds and clearly this is an easy and secure way of funding one’s account but the only problem with this method is that you cannot withdraw using this method.
Ozow is a very popular payment method in the betting industry today which is an automated electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment processor that allows for electronic funds to be transferred inter-bank directly into a punter’s bank account in real-time, in other words Ozow offers easy, fast and trusted payments directly into your betting account. Impressively enough, Ozow works with the major South African banks namely ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Capitec and Investec. When you want to use Ozow as a payment method, select that option and choose the bank you wish to use for that particular payment. You must login using your banking credentials and automated process will navigate and populate the relevant fields on your behalf. Once that has been done, the bank will send you an OTP in order for you to verify the payment, making the whole process secure. The other advantages of this method is that you don’t need to register and you don’t require any credit card using Ozow ipay. The payment method guarantees the highest levels of security when paying online because it has a has a Thawte EV SSL encryption certificate.
SiD Secure EFT is new but very popular secure payment method which allows punters to make quick online payments from their bank accounts without having to use a credit card so punters with or without credit cards can use the SiD. What happens when you use SID is that SID will direct you to your existing internet banking facility to make the payment and money is then transferred from your bank account to your own betting account. All the major banks in South Africa, that is, ABSA, First National Bank , Nedbank and Standard Bank all support SiD online payments and one of the main advantages of using this option is that all the punter’ personal banking details are kept confidential from the bookmakers which makes the SiD a very secure payment method. Each time you use SID, your bank will provide you with a one-time PIN to use in that transaction, making this an extremely secure payment method.  When using the SiD payment method, your bank will provide you with an OTP to use in that particular  transaction for security purposes. Deposits are instant but SiD withdrawals  with SID may require 2-3 working days depending on the bank you use. 
Bank transfers
Bank transfers are also another popular way of funding betting accounts and this method has been part of the betting industry for a very long time. Bank transfers a very popular because they offer the highest limits of any deposit method. Bank transfers are done either online or via cash deposits at any local bank or any ATM which supports deposits and withdrawals and quite frankly, this is one of the easiest and effective ways of depositing and withdrawing funds into one’s account. An online bank transfer can only be done by a customer who has a bank account a bank and a cash deposit can be done by anyone with or without a bank account and this means that this deposit methods includes everyone unlike debit/credit cards. When making a bank transfer,  the money which is paid goes straight from or to your bank account and the process is very secure.
Credit Card Payments
Credit card payments have been the staple of online bookmakers for a very long time. A credit card is a payment card issued which enable the punter to fund his or her betting account based on the cardholder’s promise to the card issuer to pay them for the amounts plus the other agreed charges. Both Visa and Mastercard offer up credit cards in addition to the debit cards they also offer, other credit cards are Diners Club and Amex. When a punter is using a credit card to fund a betting account, he or she is in a way using borrowed money because the money in use will not be in the account and will be paid off at the end of the month, this makes the credit cards a great way of depositing but the major problem is that some punters may run in trouble after failing to repay the credit so this payment method requires a lot of discipline. When depositing funds using a credit card, you must proceed to the bookmaker’s banking page and fill in your credit card details in the same way you would for any online purchase. All the credit card transactions made will be printed on the following month’s statement. 
Debit Card Payments
Debit cards are a very popular and one of the most trusted banking methods in the betting industry because this payment method has been in existence for several years now. The most popular debit are Visa Electron and Mastercard Maestro and these make the betting process an easy one. A debit card is connected to your cheque or savings account and there must be sufficient money in that account to fund the debit card, this therefore means that there is no overdrawing allowed on the debit card. Debit cards are also popular because they offer a very safe and secure way of depositing funds into your account because they make use of a pin number. Most of the South African bookmakers accept debit cards as a depositing methods because the withdrawal and deposit process is very easy. In order for you to withdraw or deposit funds into your account, you just need to fill in the details of your card and the funds you wish to withdraw or deposit.The introduction of alternative deposit methods has however seen the use of debit cards in betting transactions dwindle a bit because of debit cards are a bit expensive for both the punters and the bookmakers.

Withdrawing Betting winnings

If you want to withdraw money from your betting wallet, there are only 2 ways to do it. You can either request the funds to be transferred via EFT into your bank account, which can take up to 5 working days. Or you can request it to be sent to an eWallet like FNB eWallet or ABSA Cash Send. You don’t typically even need to have a bank account with these banks in order to use the withdrawal service. However they are typically limited to a low daily withdrawal limit.

We hope this soccer betting article has been useful. Remember, we at SoccerTips are on a mission to provide the best free soccer betting tips, pool tips, league tips, and match predictions in South Africa.

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