Predictions for all Soccer Markets

Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets 

In the sports betting industry, soccer betting is easily the most popular of all roducts. This isn’t surprising considering that soccer is the world’s most popular game. One of the most famous soccer players of all time dubbed soccer the ‘world’s most beautiful game’ to rubber stamp the love that most folks have for the game. 

Apart from being the world’s most popular sport, another factor which endears multitudes of punters with soccer betting is the mere fact that it offers a wide variety of betting markets. A single soccer event (match) can have over two dozen betting markets! 

Despite the presence of a plethora of soccer betting markets, there are a few which are much loved by most punters. In this soccer betting guide, we are going to expose and explore all the popular soccer betting markets.  

Both Teams to Score 

This soccer betting market is quite self-explanatory. When you place a both teams to score bet, you are predicting that the teams going head to head will all score. The result of the match does not matter, for as long as either team has a goal under its name, the bet wins. 

Over Under 2.5 Goals 

The over/under 2.5 goals betting market appeals more to punters who love more complex and lucrative bets. When punters place an over 2.5 goals bet, they simply entail that the winning team will win with a margin of at least three goals. Whether the losing team is on the scoreboard or not, a three-goal winning margin means that the bet wins. Likewise, an under 2.5 goals bet means that the winning team wins by a margin of 2 goals or less. 

Correct Score 

The correct score is a betting market in which punters predict the exact scoreline of a match. Suppose a game is taking place between Arsenal and Manchester, if a punter states that the match will end 2 – 1 in favour of Arsenal, if indeed the match ends in favour of Arsenal by 2 goals to 1, then the bet wins. Any other result means the bet losses. 


A treble is a soccer betting market in which punters place bets for three events. The betting markets may be the same for all events or they may be different (it doesn’t matter). For as long as there are three selections on the bet slip, that will be a treble. The bet wins if all three predictions are successful. 


A treble bet at some online bookies may also be dubbed as a multibet. However, in general, a multibet is a bet that has multiple sections whether three or more. This bet wins only if all predictions are successful. A multibet may have betting markets for different matches (legs) or the same leg. If the multibet has betting markets on the same event, it can also be referred to as a same-game parlay. 

Over 0.5 Goals 

The over 2.5 goals is a handicap betting market in which punters predict that the winning team will win by a margin of 1 goal or more. Essentially, this means if the team a punter has bet on wins regardless of the scoreline, the bet wins. 

Over 1.5 Goals 

The over 1.5 goals betting markets is slightly more difficult than the over 0.5 goals. This is necessiated by the fact that with this bet, punters are predicting that the winning team will win by a margin of two goals. If the match ends with a 1-nil scoreline, the bet losses even if the winning team is the team the punter predicted to win. 

Over 3.5 Goals 

When a clear favourite is going against an underdog such as a tie between a first-division team and a fourth or fifth-division team, punters may predict the winning margin to be huge. In such a scenario, it’s common to place an over 3.5 goals betting market. This betting market entails that the winning team will win by a margin of at least four goals. 

Win Draw Win 

The win-draw-win betting market is also dubbed as a match bet or full-time result. When placing such a bet, punters are simply predicting the team that will win between the Home Team – Draw – Away Team. 

Over 0.5 Goals First Half

The over 0.5 goals first-half betting market is similar to the over 0.5 goals market explained above. The only difference is that with this betting market, punter are predicting the results for the first half only. The team that the punter would have placed a bet on should be leading at halftime for this bet to be successful. 

Double Chance 

The double chance is one of the most popular bet. This is necessitated by the fact that it fuses two bet options hence significantly reducing the risk of losing albeit with a hit on the odds. When punters place a double chance bet for a home team, they are predicting that the Home Team will either win the match or the match will end in a draw. The only instance in which the bet losses is when the Away Team wins. The same applies when betting for the Away Team.

Draw No Bet

The draw-no-bet is a betting market in which punters eliminate the possibility of a draw. As such, when punters place the draw no bet, they bet for a win for either the Home Team or the Away Team. If the team they backed wins, their bet will be successful hence they receive a payout. However, if the team they backed losses, they lose their stake. If the match in a draw (tie), punters receive their stake back in full as they would have eliminated the possibility of a draw. 

With such a wide array at the disposal of soccer punters, it’s no surprise why soccer betting market is highly popular. 

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