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The Double Chance bet in Soccer betting is one of the most popular bet type for punters. Double Chance offers you an extra chance of getting a win and it does this by doubling up on the outright options in a game from one to two. In other words you have a better chance of winning with a double chance, but it also has its disadvantages. We also have a detailed article on how does the Double chance betting market work

This is a type of wager that rarely offers up a great deal of value and is really only good for when you fancy an underdog to have their day.

The double chance combines two outcomes into one bet such as this:

Team A Win – Draw

Team A Win – Team B Win

Team B Win – Draw

So this is a straight forward wager and Option 1 above, for example, you are going to be backing Team A to win or a draw to happen in the match. So you get that extra option but it generally comes at a pretty stiff price, especially if you have lumped in the match outright favourite into a double chance.

For example, if Kaizer Chiefs are hosting Jomo Cosmos in a match at the FNB stadium, they will be backed as outright winners on the basis of them being a huge team and also for playing at home so it will be pointless for one to place a double chance bet on a Kaizer Chiefs win/draw because the odds will drop immensely and the bet will offer very little reward, rather back Jomo Cosmos because they are the underdogs.

Double Chance also offers good value for competitive fixtures pitting two big teams or two small teams, a good example is the Soweto Derby between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs which are the giants of South African teams. A double chance on any of the two offers good value because these matches can go either way so there are no outright favourites.

It is also important to point out that a double chance bet is very useful in accumulators because even though they offer less value, their value will increase because the will all be added up to make an accumulator bet.

Basically, in betting on a match outright with one selection you have a 33.3% of making the right call. With the double chance, it does exactly what it says on the tin and you increase your chances of winning up to 66.6% from just the one wager. As with any type of bet, the more chance that you have of winning it, the less favourable the odds are going to be.

Use a bet calculator to figure out how much exactly you would potentially be getting for your stake, or how much you would need to stake in the first place to be happy with the potential return

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