Sports Betting Tips in South Africa

The online gambling market in South Africa continues to experience exponential growth. The influx of new players provides variety for punters but it also become incredibly confusing, especially if you are new to the betting world.

Below are some tips to help you maximise your chances of winning.

  1. Learn the basics

Before you even begin placing a bet, you first need to understand the lingo. Nearly all betting sites will include jargon or words that are pertinent to the industry such as wager for example. It’s good to know what these mean as otherwise you will get confused and it could cause you to make costly mistakes. The internet is a good place to start – read up on some of the key phrases and terms like what are the components of a sports wager, who are the different parties to a wager and what are the different types of betting (spread, exchange or fixed odds) for example?

  1. Use a registered site

The growth in the market has resulted in a number of fly-by-night online sports betting sites and if you use one of these, you risk not being paid out correctly or undertaking unsafe transaction. These sites tend to not be registered with the National Gambling Board so there is little recourse if you do find you have been treated unfairly. Stick to a reputable online sports betting website that offers excellent betting odds and a variety of markets as well as sign-up bonuses and promotions. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a website – hold off betting until you do some more research.

  1. Be honest and realistic

It goes without saying that good management of your finances will ensure you do not fall into debt. Allocate a certain amount to your betting and stick to it rigidly – even if you win. If you are new to betting, start off with smaller amounts and increase it slowly, as you become more experienced.

  1. Research

Placing a bet should only happen after you have researched and thought through your bet, especially for sports betting. Consider aspects such as stadiums or countries that the game is being played in, whether there are any injuries to the team, whether the game is near the beginning or the end of the season, what the weather predictions are and so forth. It is no good betting Manchester United will win their match against Real Madrid in Spain, when your research shows that they have never won against Real Madrid, when playing away from home. As with anything in life, the more you know, the better equipped you will be to make an accurate bet.

  1. Don’t discriminate

Remember it is not always about the win. Good research will show you that betting on outright winners is not always where the real money is. Have a look at other betting options, like which team will score the first goal or point, who will be the main goal scorer, which side will be third or fourth etc. Not only are you increasing your chance of winning by not putting all your eggs into one betting basket but you also limit the chances of super high odds. Fewer people play these bets, so if you bet well and are lucky, you can win a tidy sum.

  1. Try out everything

Football, especially matches in the English Premier League and European Cup are incredibly popular and most websites will place heavy emphasis on these. However, sports betting is not confined to football alone. Most sports betting sites will have betting options for virtually any game, event, league or competition in a variety of sport genres, including the likes of cricket, rugby and tennis to the more obscure, like martial arts, ice hockey and floor ball for example.

  1. Use a Tipster

tipster is someone who regularly provides a tip on the likely outcomes of sporting events. Today many tipsters operate websites and blogs. We have listed some of the main ones below:

  • Typersi offers an extensive range of betting tips from expert punters, who rank their tipsters on efficiency and number of wins. The website is great for those wanting to bet on soccer and even has a free daily tip for most soccer matches.
  • Goodfothegame is one of the best sport betting tip site in South Africa. They post daily betting previews for all types of sports including cricket, rugby and golf as well as soccer. A nice feature is the forum where users can interact with some of South Africa’s best tipsters or post tips of their own.
  • Although The African Betting Clan or ABC has a section on their site dedicated to sports in general, their main focus is on is horse racing. They have a vibrant but sometimes dramatic forum where users share tips on upcoming races.
  • For those punters who are active on Twitter, make sure you follow ZA Punter, a local South African tipster who covers all sorts of sports. Expect honest reviews and tips (the losses are covered just as extensively as the wins) at all times of the day.
  • If rugby is your passion then Oracle Rugby is for you. The website has extensive rugby betting tips and most of them are free.