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We provide free predictions for all Sportstake 13 pools. As soon as a Sportstake fixture list is created, we update it in real-time here with our predictions for each Sportstake 13 fixture. See the predictions below.

Latest Sportstake 13 Pool Tips & Predictions

Germany vs Hungary
HOME 2 - 1

Odds not available

Unknown vs Unknown
We can't find the match. We will keep trying

Ceramica Cleopatra vs Future
Scotland vs Switzerland
AWAY 1 - 2

Odds not available

Unknown vs Unknown
We can't find the match. We will keep trying

Botafogo vs Athletico Paranaense
Juventude vs Vasco da Gama
Internacional vs Corinthians
Slovenia vs Serbia
HOME 2 - 1

Odds not available

Denmark vs England
HOME 2 - 1

Odds not available

Here you can find the latest predictions for the Sportstake 13. The Sportstake 13 consists of 11 fixtures. We have predictions for each one of the fixtures. Our top 5 match predictions for the Sportstake 13 are:

  • For Germany vs Hungary we think the match will end with a score 2 - 1.
  • For Ceramica Cleopatra vs Future we think that Future will win.
  • For Scotland vs Switzerland we think the match will end with a score 1 - 2.
  • For Juventude vs Vasco da Gama we think that Juventude will win.
  • For Denmark vs England we think the match will end with a score 2 - 1.
Home Home Win Draw Away Win Away
Germany 1 X 2 Hungary
1 X 2
Ceramica Cleopatra 1 X 2 Future
Scotland 1 X 2 Switzerland
1 X 2
Botafogo 1 X 2 Athletico Paranaense
Fortaleza 1 X 2 Grêmio
Juventude 1 X 2 Vasco da Gama
São Paulo 1 X 2 Cuiabá
Cruzeiro 1 X 2 Fluminense
Internacional 1 X 2 Corinthians
Slovenia 1 X 2 Serbia
Denmark 1 X 2 England

The South African National Lottery doesn’t only offer lottery tickets, but also offers pool betting on soccer matches. These include 3 pools, namely Sportstake 13, Sportstake 8 and Sportstake 4 predictions. See all Sportstake 8 tips here. We provide predictions and tips for both and on this page you will find the predictions for Sportstake 13 fixtures.

Sportstake 13 Predictions & Tips

Sportstake 13 is a soccer jackpot pool with top prizes exceeding R300 000, for correctly predicting all 13 featured results each round. There are two tickets available each week (mid-week and weekend). There are also prizes for correctly predicting 12 out of 13, 11 and 10 in varying amounts. Sportstake 13 is one of the most popular soccer pools in South Africa and this is mainly due to the fact that National Lottery promote is heavily, as well as it is a very easy betting game to play. Players enjoy playing Sportstake versus betting on individual games, as it is easier, cheaper and you can still win something even if you don’t get all 13 fixture predictions correct (unlike a multibet).

How to win Sportstake 13

We provide tips and predictions for all Sportstake 13 fixtures. We do this, by adding each match into our database and soccer prediction engine, and then providing a prediction on the full time outcome for each of the sportstake 13 fixtures. By doing this for each match, we provide tips for the entire Sportstake pool. Along with the tips, you will find all the data we use to make the prediction, including how each team is performing in the current season, how they have performed in the past few games as well as head2head matches. This means that even if you choose not to use out sportstake 13 predictions, you can use the data to make your own. In order to win you need to get at least 10 predictions correct, like this:

  • Predict 10 out of 13 matches correctly (35% of prize pool)
  • Predict 11 out of 13 matches correctly (20% of prize pool)
  • Predict 12 out of 13 matches correctly (15% of prize pool)
  • Predict 13 out of 13 matches correctly (30% of prize pool)

Latest Sportstake 13 Fixtures

As mentioned, Sportstake 13 is one of the most popular soccer pools, and is typically once per week. In fact, our sportstake tips are almost as popular as our Soccer Predictions today. To ensure we always provide the best service, as soon as the sportstake 13 fixtures are announced by the National Lottery here, our system pulls them into our database and updates immediately. This ensures we always have the latest Sportstake 13 fixtures on our site and so that you always know which matches to follow. Most fixtures for Sportstake 13 will come from the major international leagues such as Bundesliga, English Premier League etc, but will often also include fixtures from the SA Premier League.

Sportstake 13 weekend fixtures

The Sportstake 13 fixtures for the weekend are typically released by the National Lottery website on the Thursday. These are very popular as they will typically include matches from the major leagues and weekends matches are always more popular.

Sportstake 13 Midweek Fixture

These are released either on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning and the pool will be for matches on the upcoming Wednesday.

How to play Sportstake 13

In order to play Sportstake 13, you need to correctly predict the outcome of all 13 Sportstake fixtures. If more than one person hits all 13, then the jackpot is split accordingly. If no player gets all 13 match predictions correct, then the ones who guess 12 will share a large pool of money. This is very similar to how Soccer 13 works. A single Sportstake entry costs R2 while the more games a punter takes a double or triple chance the higher the stake. For example if the punter chooses seven outright results, three double chances and three triple chances the bet amount will be more than R1000. The options are only 1X2, or Home, Draw, or Away. You can choose multiple options for each match. See our detailed instructions on how to play Sportstake Pools.

Sportstake 13 closing time

In order to ensure fairness, each pool will stop taking bets 30minutes prior to the first match beginning. The best way to ensure you get your predictions made before the closing time, is to do them as soon as the pool is released or announced.

Sportstake Propick Predictions

Sportstake Propick is a feature available for Sportstake 8 and 13. Propick is a quick play option which is based on multi-play bets where the intelligent system will automatically choose match results on behalf of the player based on history of play between teams in a fixtures and random selections. This feature comes as an alternative to the traditional way of betting where people have to decide for themselves which teams to back, both the two ways can be used when placing your sportstake bet. Propick has proven to be a very useful feature with players winning big using this feature.
For example, one lucky person became a millionaire winning a whopping R2,491,162 after playing sportstake 13 using the propick feature for only R8. If you play games like SA lotto and SA Powerball, you will easily understand the Propick feature because it works in the same way as Quick Pick which is a feature that helps players to choose winning numbers. In order to play propick, you must simply choose the bet size you wish to play . The bet sizes available for sportstake players are 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 64, 128 and 256.

Sportstake Results

The sportstake 13 predictions and results are given the morning after the latest round of football action. However we provide the results as soon as each sportstake 13 fixture ends. Some midweek rounds are played just on Wednesday and may extend to Thursday with Europa League an example. The weekend fixtures are played over a Saturday and Sunday, with the last game normally a 10 pm kick-off. The results and winning amounts are then released on the following Monday morning. See Sportstake 13 results

Sportstake 13 Betting Tips & Predictions

The best way to maximise your chances of winning sportstake 13, is to do your research and bet using historical data. We at do the hard work for you. We take all the historical data we can regarding team and player performance. We then analyse it, using our predictionEngine to make as accurate a prediction as possible for the full time, correct score. As soon as the sportstake 13 pool becomes available, whether the matches are for today, tomorrow, midweek or the weekend, we list the fixtures with all of our predictions.

Where can you play Sportstake 13

As Sportstake is a game developed and managed by the National Lottery, you can only play it with them. You can choose to play it online at the National Lottery website. Alternatively, you can choose to play it at any retail location where National Lottery tickets are sold.

Sportstake 13 FAQ

Can I play Sportstake 13 online?
Yes you can. It used to be that you needed to go into a national lottery retailer in order to play sportstake 13, but now you can play whenever you want online or on your phone. Simply visit the National Lottery website or download their app.

How much does it cost to play Sportstake 13
A single board entry will cost you R2, and a multiplay cost is calculated by multiplying the number of boards by R2.

Can I make all three selections for every fixture
Yes you can. However each additional entry will cost you an additional R2. As long as your final wager includes at least 1 prediction/selection per match, you can enter. However there is a maximise wager of R2000 per betslip.

How do the Sportstake Payouts work
The best place to view the Sportstake payouts is on the national lottery website. For each sportstake pool they will provide the dividends. This will show the number of winners and the amounts paid.

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