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When do we provide Sportstake 13 Results

Sportstake 13 Results are above. We provide results for all Sportstake 13 fixtures and pools. As soon as a match that is in the Sportstake pool starts, we remove the pool from the tips page and place it here on the results page. Then, as the first match ends, we add in the result for that match, and we continue doing this as each game ends.
This way you will know quite quickly whether your bet on Sportstake 13 is winning or losing.
As Sportstake 13 has 13 matches, we include the results from all matches.
We also ensure that each result for Sportstake 13 includes the List ID and date so that you know which pool it is referring to.
Finally, we provide the results for the past month, if not longer. If you are looking for Sportstake 13 predictions go here.

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