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We provide free predictions and tips for all Soccer 13 pools. As soon as a Soccer 13 pool is announced, we update all the fixtures with our predictions. Find the latest Soccer 13 Fixture predictions below.

Latest Soccer 13 Fixtures and Tips below

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Soccer 13 Predictions for today

Our Soccer 13 predictions and tips are based on all historical games, league position etc., as well as our own algorithm. Using this we predict the outcome and the scores of all Soccer 13 fixtures. These predictions will be for all soccer 13 fixtures, however if you want just for today, then go to our soccer predictions today page.

Soccer 13 Tips

So, how exactly do we calculate our soccer 13 predictions and what do we predict? We have the historical data going back multiple seasons, showing how different teams perform when playing in certain ways. We also have the latest data for each team’s league position, current season performance and points, previous head2head performance of the 2 teams, if the games are being played away or home etc. We use all this data to enable us to make a prediction on each soccer 13 fixture. Our system predicts the full-time correct score, which means you can use the soccer 13 prediction for a correct score bet, over/under, or both teams to score markets.

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Soccer 13 Fixtures

As soon as the fixtures for Soccer 13 become available, our system automatically pulls them and puts them into our database. We then use our sophisticated algorithm and Soccer Prediction Engine to predict the outcome of each of the Soccer 13 fixtures. There are typically 2 Soccer 13 pools each week, meaning at least 26 fixtures for Soccer 13 weekly, and we predict the outcome for every single one. Feel free to use our predictions, or just use our site to view the matches and do your own analysis. Soccer 13 is an extremely popular soccer pool, with the only other pool more popular, being sportstake 13. This is why we also provide Sportstake 13 tips and predictions.

Soccer 13 Payouts

The latest Soccer 13 results and payouts can all be accessed on the TAB/soccer 6 website directly, under results.

  • Average Pool R20 Million
  • Average Pay Out R2 Million
  • If only 1 ticket has all 13 correct – guaranteed R10-million pay out

In each Soccer 13 Pool, there are four chances to win

All 13 correct = 40% of pool
Average payout R1.98 million

Any 12 correct = 15% of pool
Average payout R9,000

Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
Average payout R485

Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
Average payout R110

Soccer 13 Predictions for tomorrow

As we update our system and database with the latest soccer 13 matches as soon as they become available, you can always find the soccer 13 fixtures and predictions for matches being played tomorrow. This means you can get your soccer 13 bets in early, where hopefully you will have better odds as the closer it gets to the matches being played, the more the betting sites adjust the odds.

Soccer 13 Pools

Soccer 13 Pools are the most popular soccer pools offered by Tabonline and features a total of 13 matches scheduled per draw.

The 13 matches in the soccer 13 pool are taken from leagues all over the world but primarily come from South Africa (PSL tips), England and the top European leagues.

The average jackpot pool is R2 million and if no-person catches the jackpot then that will be accumulated to next draw (until someone claims the grand prize). If there are multiple winners the total pool of R20 million will be split. There are winning pay-outs for 1 missed match, 2 lost games, 3 incorrect predictions and 4 miss-outs.

Soccer 13 is very similar to Soccer 10 (see our soccer 10 predictions) and the chief differences are the fact that three more games are added to the calculation.

How to play Soccer 13

Below you can see an example of a soccer 13 fixture pool. This is used for illustration purposes only and this is an old, expired pool. But it gives you an idea of how the pool is structured.

The soccer 13 punter will have to predict the correct results from a list of 13 scheduled matches and is mostly played twice weekly (mid-week and weekend).

The punter places a wager on 13 scheduled soccer matches with three bet choices available on each game. Home (H), draw (X) or away (away).

H means the home team, draw is represented by X and A means the away team.

For example, if Arsenal is playing Spurs in one of the games on the list – the match is played at the venue of the team, written first and in this case Arsenal is the Home team and Spurs the Away team. A predicted draw is marked by an X.

M1 will denote Match One, M2 match 2 and so forth until the 13th one is reached.

The unit of bet is R1.50 and this is for selecting one option on all 13 games. By choosing only one prediction per game means the ticket will cost a mere R1.50.

An example where the punter uses more options to make a bet will be: 1x1x2x1x1x3x2x3x2x1x1x1x1 = R72 x by 1.5 – total bet of 108. We also have a comprehensive article on how to play soccer pools.

Where to play Soccer 13

You can play online on the site or via telephone (open a telephone bet account). Alternatively you can also go to the TABS retail outlet or use FNB via the app, ATM or at the bank.

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