England Premier League Predictions


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The England Premier League is the world’s most popular league and it is host to some of the biggest football clubs in the world like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. The official website is https://www.premierleague.com/
The England premier league is also regarded as the richest league in the world with some of the best stadiums like the Old Trafford and Anfield, the EPL players and managers receive massive salaries For example, Paul Pogba gets a weekly salary of $290 000 whilst Alexis Sanchez pockets a weekly salary of $380 000, so evidently, this is a very big league and besides La Liga, no other league comes close to the English Premier League. See EPL betting odds.
With more than one billion homes in 188 countries watching the Premier League matches, EPL is the most watched or followed leagues in the world and what makes it popular is the fact that players from all over the world play in England and that is how the world has fallen in love with the EPL, For example, there are a lot of African players plying their trade in England like Sadio Mane, Pierre Emerek Aubameyang, Riyard Mahrez and Mohammed Salah, there also are some Asians like Son Min and Okazaki Lastly, there are quite a number of South Americans like Aguero, Lanzini, Firmino amongst others.
The Premier League consists of 20 premier league teams who will fight to be crowned the Champions of England at the end of the season but the title is not only the thing teams have to fight for as there are other cups like the FA Cup and the League Cup, there are also spots for European competitions and all this helps in making the EPL one of the most competitive leagues. Currently the English Premier League has been allocated four spots for the UEFA champions League and teams fight really hard to finish in the top four in order to participate in the prestigious UEFA competition. Two more places are reserved for the Europa league, one for the fifth placed team and another for the League Cup winner.
Three buttom teams are relegated at the end of each season and the battle to survive relegation is also intense and this makes EPL so unpredictable as the top teams will at times find it difficult to beat the lesser teams especially towards the end of the season.
The league takes place between August and May with the busiest time of the league being the December period where a lot of matches are played over a short period of time and in most cases teams who will be leading during this period , go on to win the league. There are two transfer windows where players can switch clubs either locally or internationally.
The dominant teams in the history of EPL since it started in 1992 are Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea with Manchester United being the most successful team being Manchester United, but their fortunes seems to have turned after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and their fierce rivals Manchester City are now the most dominant team and they are the current holders and back to back EPL winners. EPL teams dominated the Champions league because the Champions League final was an all English final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool and Liverpool were crowned champions.

England Premier League Predictions

The 2018/19 season will go down in history as one of the most entertaining seasons because it was decided on the last day of the season as Liverpool fiercely fought Man City for the EPL crown. What was also historic was the performance of a newly promoted team called Wolverhampton Wanderers who managed to land a Europa League spot ahead of top teams like West Ham and Everton, they also had an impressive record against the top 6 teams , famously beating Man United, Chelsea , Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.
The bookmakers are tipping either Manchester City or Liverpool to win the premier league in the upcoming season because there is a general feeling that there is a huge gap between these two teams and the rest of the league and the other teams need at least one more season before they start to compete again.

English Premier League Standings

Premier League Standings
Club Games W D L Pts
1 Liverpool 34 30 2 2 92
2 Manchester City 34 22 3 9 69
3 Chelsea 34 18 6 10 60
4 Leicester City 34 17 8 9 59
5 Manchester United 34 16 10 8 58
6 Wolverhampton Wanderers 34 13 13 8 52
7 Sheffield United 34 13 12 9 51
8 Arsenal 34 12 14 8 50
9 Tottenham Hotspur 34 13 10 11 49
10 Burnley 34 14 7 13 49
11 Everton 34 12 9 13 45
12 Southampton 34 13 5 16 44
13 Newcastle United 34 11 10 13 43
14 Crystal Palace 34 11 9 14 42
15 Brighton & Hove Albion 34 8 12 14 36
16 West Ham United 34 8 7 19 31
17 Watford 34 7 10 17 31
18 Hull City 34 9 6 19 33
19 Swansea City 33 8 9 16 33
20 AFC Bournemouth 34 7 7 20 28
21 Cardiff City 34 9 4 21 31
22 Aston Villa 34 7 6 21 27
23 Stoke City 34 6 10 18 28
24 Middlesbrough 34 5 12 17 27
25 Fulham 34 5 5 24 20
26 Norwich City 34 5 6 23 21
27 West Bromwich Albion 34 4 12 18 24
28 Sunderland 33 5 6 22 21
29 Huddersfield Town 34 3 5 26 14