Multibet Bonuses SA Bookmakers

The South African betting industry has immensely developed over the past years and there is quite a number of  bookmakers in the industry like Hollywoodbets, Betway, Supabets, Playabets and LMBookmaker among others. 
Besides these various bookmakers, there is also a large number of punters all over South Africa and the bookmakers are always trying to get as many punters as they can through various marketing strategies.
One strategy which is used by most, if not all the bookmakers is the bonus offers offered to punters which range from First Deposit Bonuses, Multibet Bonuses and FICA Bonuses among other bonuses and these are very effective because punters are always on the lookout for such promotions.

Hollywoodbets Soccer Bonus Bonanza
The Hollywoodbets Soccer Bonus Bonanza is an amazing promotion which is available to soccer multiple betting lovers. What happens is that each time you bet on soccer multiple markets, you will earn yourself a percentage bonus which will obviously depend on the amount of legs in your accumulator.
The soccer multiple which is valid for this promotion starts at two legs where you will earn yourself 2.5% for those two legs right the way through to 30% for 25+ legs. This bonus only applies to online bets but does not apply to any manually stretched bets laid at branches or through your Phone-a-Bet account.
Please note that all soccer betting markets apply for this promotion and the bonus displayed on bet slip at branch level is subject to no legs being abandoned. Please note that scratched markets do not qualify as a market so the bonus is then recalculated.
The maximum bonus payable shall be 30% of R2m, being R600 000, on a bet with 25+ legs
No. of Legs     %     Example Payout     Bonus Amount      Net Payout
2                     2.5%    10 000                        R250                        R10 250
3                     3%       10 000                        R300                        R10 300
4                     4%       10 000                        R4000                      R10 400
5-10                10%     10 000                        R1000                      R10 00011-15              15%    10 000                         R1500                      R11 500
16-24              20%    10 000                         R2000                      R12 000
25+                 30%    10 000                         R3000                      R13 000

Betway Soccer Multiple Promotion
Betway has a wonderful soccer multiple promotion where you have an opportunity to boost your Multibet winnings by up to 100%. Qualifying legs in your betslip are those with odds of 1.2 or more, anything less than that will not be considered for this promotion. 
The secret to getting a bigger boost from this promotion is adding more legs in your betslip because the more legs you add to your slip, the bigger the boost you are going to receive.
What makes this promotion unique is the fact that your boosted winnings will be paid into your account as cash but you must have a valid Betway account in order to participate in this promotion.
Total return (potential return + win boost) on winning bets must be R1 million or less and win boosts are automatically shown in your betslip, if you do not see a win boost, then you do not qualify.
Number of Legs  Win Boost %  Number of Legs  Win Boost Percentage2                               2.5%                     22                            30%3                               3%                        23                            30%4                               4%                        24                            30%
5                               7%                        25                            50%6                               10%                      26                            50%
7                               10%                      28                            50%
8                               10%                      28                            50%
9                               10%                      29                            100%
10                             10%                      30                            100%
11                              15%                     31                             105%12                              15%                     32                             110%
13                              15%                     33                             115%
14                              15%                     34                             120%
15                              15%                     35                             125%
16                              20%                     36                             130%
17                              20%                     37                             135%
18                              20%                     38                             140%19                              20%                     39                             145%20                              30%                     40                             150%
21                              30%                    

Sportingbet Football Acca Refund
There is no such thing as losing at Sportingbet because you will still get something out from a losing bet. If you place a football accumulator bet consisting of not less than 5 selections, and if just one result lets you down you will receive a refund of your stake as a free bet.
The individual selections which are considered for this promotion must be of odds 1.5 or greater and anything less than that will not be considered for this particular promotion.
Not all markets are considered for this promotion, the markets (Home, Draw or Away) are the ones used for this promotion selections only and it is important for you to note that inplay bets do not count.
The maximum free bet amount R500 and the free bets will be credited within 48 hours of the bet settlement.

An amazing promotion from Playabets where you can get up to 10 times your money back in bonuses if you are 1 out. 
If you take a multiple bet on 7 or more matches and if it so happens that only one match or event loses you qualify for a money back offer. What is going to determine the moneyback you are going to receive is the more teams and the odds for your selections. 
If one or more of your selections are void and the amount of selections / legs falls below 7, then your ticket will not count for the promotion. Also important to note is the fact that if the odds on your ticket fall below the minimum odds requirement of 20/1, then your ticket will not count for the promotion even if you have 7 or more teams or events
The maximum refund amount is R1000 in bonus money per bet OR per customer. To claim you bonus, please email within 7 day’s after the ticket has been settled.

7+ Teams or Events 1 X (Refund) 20/1
11+ Teams or Events 2 X (Double Money Back) 50/1
15+ Teams or Events 5 X (Five Times Money Back) 100/1
21+ Teams or Events 10 X (Ten Times Money Back) 250/1

LM BOOKMAKER Soccer Stretches Bonus
If you are into Accumulator Betting, LM Bookmaker have a perfect promotion for you which gives you a chance to win more on your soccer multiple bets. To qualify for this promotion, you simply have to place a multiple on an soccer events and your bets will be boosted with the following automatic stretch:
1 – 3 Legs : 4% Stretch
4 – 5 Legs: 10% Stretch
6 – 11 Legs: 15% Stretch
12 or more Legs: 20% Stretch

BetCOZASoccer Multi Special
BetCOZA have an exciting Soccer Multi Special where if you take a soccer multiple of 6 or more fixtures and if you lose just one leg in the multiple, you will be refunded with your stake.
This promotion only applies for match winning pre match and the combined odds for all the legs must exceed 4/1 for your multiple to be considered. Please note that the maximum refund of R500 will be credited per day.
If it so happens that some of the legs have been scratched , your multiple will be recalculated and it must still meet the minimum number of legs and price.
In order to claim your refund, you must contact support on within 7 days of the resulted bet. The refund must be turned over 3x at odds of 5/10 or greater before any withdrawals can be processed.

LM BOOKMAKER Money Back Promo
If you place a multiple bet consisting of 10 markets or more and you lose on the last leg, you will receive a refund of your stake.
This promotion applies to 10 or more multiple bets at odds of 10/1 or more. Scratched markets do not qualify as a leg in the bet. If the multiple bet consists of any scratched markets, the bet will be recalculated and must still adhere to the rules of the promotion, so it is advisable to put more than 10 matches in your accumulator so that you are not affected by scratched bets. 
The maximum refund that can be claimed in this promotion is R2000 and this refund must be claimed within 7 days of the time of your bet. 
You can claim your refund by sending an email to with Money Back Promo as the subject field. You also need to state your account number and bet reference number in the email and we will refund your bet.

Supabets always have some exciting promotions and the Money Back promotion is no exception. The Money Back promotion affords you an opportunity to receive some of your money back even when you lose. 
In total, you will get 10% back on all losing bets but this offer does not apply to Supanumbers.
The 10% refund is calculated from your aggregate weekly figure which starts from a Tuesday to a Monday. The paybacks are processed every Tuesday irrespective of the day you placed your bets. 
For you to receive  the bonus, your account must not have an existing bonus balance otherwise the new bonus will be forfeited. Interestingly, the bonus money can be withdrawn without having to bet.

Play more and win more in the Supabets multi-bet Special by betting on multiple events which will give you multiple bonuses depending on the amount of events booked.
The secret to getting a higher bonus is by adding more legs in your accumulator because the more the legs in your accumulator, the greater the bonus you will receive. The bonus is calculated by the system but of course Supabets shows how everything is calculated as shown in the table below.
Bets which are void for any reason, will not be taken into consideration for the bonus calculation, also odds under 1.35 are not taken into consideration when calculating. The automatically calculated bonus amount is included in the bet potential winnings amount, and is not separate.
EVENTS                  EXTRA BONUS
2 events                   2.5%
3 events                   3%
4 events                   5%

Sunbet Soccer Accumulator Special
Your losing accumulator must consist of a minimum of 10 legs (selections) or more and this offer is valid for pre-match outright winner bets only.
If you make use of the Cash Out feature before the completion of all the legs within your accumulator then your bet will not be considered for this offer.
You must have bet a minimum of R50 from your cash balance in order to be considered for this refund.
The refund will be credited to your account in the form of a Free Bet and the maximum Free Bet claimable is R500. Please note that this offer is only valid if your losing leg is at odds of 7/10 (1.70) or higher.
Punters must e-mail within 5 days of the final leg’s completion in order to claim this offer.

Sunbet Losing Acca Promotion
This Sunbet promotion is great because you get something out of your loss and is valid for pre match outright winner bets only and you must have staked a minimum of R50 from your cash balance in order to be considered for this refund.
The refund you will receive will be in a form of a free bet and is credited into your betting account. The maximum amount you can claim for this promotion is R5000.
If you make use of the Cash Out feature before the completion of any of the legs of your accumulator then your bet will not be considered for this offer. The weekly acca draw will happen every Monday during the European football season and only bets taken within the previous 7 days will be considered for the draw.
You must e-mail with your username and coupon ID of your bet before 10am every Monday in order to be considered for the lucky draw.
The offer is only valid if all your selections are at odds of 5/10 (1.50) or higher.