Why is online betting becoming more popular than retail betting

The betting industry has seen a remarkable rise over the years in South Africa, as many people, especially the youth, are starting to see it as a great opportunity to earn a living given the fact that the unemployment rate is at an all time high of 32.5%. Previously, betting in South Africa was only available at physical betting outlets but the availability of internet has enabled SA betting sites to offer online betting and statistics show that online betting was the game changer in the South African betting industry as more and more people were suddenly interested in engaging in betting activities.
There are a lot of reasons for the rise of online betting, but at the core of those reasons is the huge technological advancements in recent years, and the technology has ensured that punters get a better gaming experience. Technology in betting improved connectivity and accessibility and more and more players are now taking part in betting from whatever location.
In the past few years, online betting has clearly overtaken physical betting because of its convenience, this article seeks to clearly state the reasons why online betting has becoming more appealing to punters than taking a trip to a betting outlet.

i) Promotions and Bonuses
In a bid to encourage more people to sign up with them, bookmakers are always offering bonuses and promotions to both new and existing clients, and punters enjoy these benefits. It has become a norm for bookmakers to offer a First Deposit Bonus for new clients and several others and these can only be enjoyed by registered clients, hence the increase in players involved in online betting.

ii) More betting options than are available online
If you have experience in both online betting and betting at a shop, you will realise that there are some betting activities which are exclusive to online betting and a punter who bets online has a huge advantage because he will get more betting opportunities than the one who bets at a shop.
iii) Convenience
Online betting is an incredibly convenient way of betting because you do not have to leave the house as you can enjoy your betting at any time and from wherever you may be. This certainly is a huge factor because there is a risk of missing out on certain matches if you bet at betting outlets as a lot of factors might prevent you from placing the bet, for example, you may be delayed on your way there.

iv) Privacy
There is still some form of stigma associated with betting, with some religions believing that betting is a sin. This has caused some people to neglect betting for fear of being stigmatised. Online betting becomes crucial in this regard because all your betting activities are private and no one will know about it except you tell them.

v) Live In-Play Betting
One of the most popular betting product at the moment is in-play betting and it is only available when you are betting online and many punters are opting for online betting because this product offers more betting opportunities and excitement.

vi) Social Distancing
Due to Covid 19, people are being encouraged to practise social distancing so online betting is perfect for that because there is a lack of personal interaction with online betting as it will be only you and your online gadget.