Supabets Launches Soccer 6 Exotics

Supabets have launched a new Soccer Exotics product. This is very similar to the ones launched by Hollywoodbets (called Hollysixa) and by WSB (WSB Soccer 6). These exotics are similar to TAB soccer 6, but are cheaper to play. Instead of paying R2.50 to play the pool, it only costs R1.
Why are they launching this product? These exotics have proved very popular with punters as the stake is low, they are easy to enter and the potential winnings are high. Players enjoy playing soccer 6 but this is a cheaper way to play and as they most likely already have accounts with the betting companies, like Supabets or Hollywoodbets, there is no need to create a new separate account.

This just adds a new fun element to betting with Supabets, as now you can bet on fixed odds soccer, as well as these pool bets.