Hollywoodbets Top up Vouchers

Are you looking to buy Hollywoodbets Top Up Vouchers? They are also known as Holly Top Up Vouchers.

What are Hollywoodbets Top Up Vouchers

Holly Top Up vouchers are basically prepaid vouchers that you use to top up your betting wallet. It is like buying prepaid airtime, where you are given a code and you enter this code to add the credit to your wallet. At this stage, Hollywoodbets called all the vouchers available Holly Top Up Vouchers, but they are actually a number of different options. This includes 1Voucher, OTT Voucher, Kazang and Blue Label Vouchers.

Where to buy Hollywoodbets Top up Vouchers

Want to know where you can buy these Hollywoodbets Vouchers? Well, it depends on which voucher you will be buying. However, you should be able to buy a voucher for Hollywoodbets from most Shoprite’s, PEP stores, Builders, Boxer, Spar, Shell, Caltex, Checkers, UServe, Game, Makro, Engen and BP. Plus from additional small traders that sell 1Voucher (which currently numbers around 160 000 locations).

How to buy Hollywood voucher via Standard Bank, FNB bank, Nedbank, Capitec Bank?

Well, the question is, if you are going to buy a Holly Top Up Voucher by doing a bank transfer, why not simply do the bank transfer directly to Hollywoodbets? You can see all Hollywoodbets Deposit Options here.

How to top up Hollywoodbets wallet with Vouchers

Now that you have a Holly Top Up Voucher, how do you load the credit into your betting wallet? Really simple, just go to the deposit page on Hollywoodbets website, then click on Vouchers, then enter the voucher code into the Voucher field. Your betting wallet will be topped up almost instantly.