Hollywoodbets Login my Account

Hollywoodbets is most likely the number one betting site in South Africa. With such popularity brings lots of issues though and one of them is that people often have difficulty with logging into their Hollywoodbets accounts. We are here to help and guide you with any Hollywoodbets login account issues you may be facing.

Hollywoodbets Login

Have you recently signed up with Hollywoodbets and you are wondering how you can login to your Hollywoodbets account and start betting, well, you will be pleased to know that the Login process is even more simple than registration process so you should be able to easily log into your Hollywoodbets account. Please note that it is important for you to memorise your Hollywoodbets account credentials which are needed when you are logging in.
To log in, you must:
You need to visit the official Hollywoodbets website
Inрut yоur usеrnаmе аnd раsswоrd in thе twо bоxеs lаbеlеd ассоrdingly on the right side of the main menu.
Confirm that you have read and understood the ‘Terms and Conditions’ by checking the available box.
You then need to click on the yellow ‘Login’ button below the two boxes on the main menu
If your account credentials are correct, you will get access into your account and you can successfully place your bets.

How to register/sign up with Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is an extremely popular local South African bookmaker which operates both an online sportsbook and several betting outlets. The bookmaker offers several exciting betting products and most of the new betting technologies starts with Hollywoodbets before everyone else starts offering them. For you to bet on the Hollywoodbets online platform, there is need for you to be registered and you can register by following the simple process:
Registration Process
In order to register, you must visit the official Hollywoodbets website and click on the ‘Join Now’ link on the main menu.
You will be presented with an online registration form which you must sign in with the following details:

  • Title *
  • First name *
  • Surname *
  • ID Number *
  • Gender *
  • Mobile no *
  • Email*
  • Address (Street, Suburb, City, Area Code,Province*)
  • Source of Income *
  • Password * (Minimum 4 character length)
  • You need to check the available boxes to confirm the three things below:
  • That you are over 18 years
  • That you agree to the Terms and Conditions

That you acknowledge that Hollywoodbets will only release funds to you via one of its branches or via Cash Send options or into a South African Bank via EFT.
Enter referrer Account / Mobile Number if applicable
Enter the code shown in an image to verify your humanity
After clicking on everything, click on ‘Register’ to complete the process.
Referrer Account / Mobile Number
Enter the captcha code shown

Hollywoodbets Login Issues

If you are not able to log into your Hollywoodbets account, the issues could be:

  • Incorrect username
    You could be using an incorrect username when trying to log into your Hollywoodbets account. Yu need to double check and confirm you are using the correct username or phone number. If you are not sure, please contact Hollywoodbets directly to confirm your username.
  • Incorrect Password
    You could be using the correct username, but incorrect password. If you can not remember your password, you need to do a password reset and the password will be emailed to you.
  • User not recognised (you need to register)
    If the system does not recognise you at all, are you sure you have registered with Hollywoodbets? If you have not, you need to register with them first. If you have, do not register again, as you can only have 1 betting account with Hollywoodbets.
  • 520 website error
    If you are seeing a 520 server error when going to the hollywoodbets website, then the error is that they’re website is down. They will be aware of it and the site should be back up shortly. Please check the Hollywoodbets social media channels for updates.
  • Client not active
    This could mean a number of things, but typically means that you still need to FICA your Hollywoodbets account. Please contact the Hollywoodbets support team to solve this issue.
  • Account is invalid
    If you see this message, then it appears your account has been closed by Hollywoodbets. Please contact their support directly to discuss this.

Help with Hollywoodbets Login issues

Although there are numerous reasons that you are not able to log into your Hollywoodbets account. Almost all reasons can be solved by doing 2 things.
(1) Double check the details you are using to log into Hollywoodbets. Username, password, url etc.
(2) If ever in doubt, contact Hollywoodbets directly to identify and solve the issue.

Password reset for your Hollywoodbets account

Online betting is the most convenient form of betting and has several advantages as compared to betting at an outlet. Ever since South Africa was hit with the Covid 19 pandemic, Hollywoodbets, which is one of South Africa’s most popular bookmakers, has seen a sharp increase in the number of people betting online because at one point , the betting stores were closed.
If you are a Hollywoodbets customer and have lost or forgotten the password to your Hollywoodbets account, you can easily reset your password by following the simple process below:
Visit the official Hollywoodbets website
Click on ‘Lost Password’ just below the login section on the top right of the website.
You will be asked how would you like to reset your password between SMS or EMAIL.
Resetting using SMS
Click on the SMS button and enter the cellphone number that you used when you signed up for your Hollywoodbets account. A new password will be sent within a few minutes to that number via SMS.
Resetting using Email
Click the EMAIL button and enter the e-mail address that you used to sign up for your Hollywoodbets account. A new password will then be sent to your new email.

Hollywoodbets customer contact details

Hollywoodbets is arguably the biggest bookmaker in South Africa because the bookmaker has the many betting outlets spread all over South Africa and a great online platform which is used by thousands of punters daily. The bookmaker offers an all round exceptional service and one of the areas where they really outdo most South African bookmakers is their customer service because there are several methods of getting in touch with Hollywoodbets and the each department has its own different contact details and this shows high levels of organisation.
Below are Hollywoodbets Contact Details:
Live Chat
Phone A Bet
087 353 7633
Tel:087 353 7634
Email: hwhelpline@hollywoodbets.net
Tel: 087 353 7634
Email: deposit@hollywoodbets.net
Tel: 087 353 7634
Email: withdrawals@hollywoodbets.net
Self Service – https://fica.hollywoodbets.net/
Tel:087 353 7634
Email: fica@hollywoodbets.net
Social Media
Twitter: @Hollywoodbets
Instagram: @Hollywoodbets
Facebook: @Hollywoodbets
Postal Address
P.O. Box 74234,Rochdale Park,4034

Hollywoodbets Login FAQ’s

My email or phone number has changed how can I update my Hollywoodbets account?

You are able to update your phone number or email address with Hollywoodbets, by logging into your Hollywoodbets account and updating your profile. You may need to verify the number and/or email in order for it to be saved to your profile. If you are unsure, you can email Hollywoodbets directly.

What is the best way to contact Hollywoodbets for login issues

The absolute best way is always via email. It allows a timestamp and keeps a record for both parties in case of a dispute.

Can a branch help me to log into my account

No, this is definitely not recommended. You never want to give your details to anyone, so best to keep it via email to official Hollywoodbets channels