Free Games

Most bookmakers in South Africa offer free to play betting games. In order to play though, you need to register with them, and typically need to be fully FICA’d. So although they games themselves are free, there is still the “cost” of your time needing to register and go through the full FICA process.
This is the main reason why the betting companies offer these free betting games or predict and win games, as they want to get users registered and FICA’d.

However if you were always going to register with the betting site,or are already registered, then these games provide a fun, and free, alternative to the fixed odds betting you typically would do.

How do Free to Play Predict and Win Games work

Very simply, most of these free to pay games will consist of a number of games, like pool betting. You would need to then predict the outcome (typically 1X2) of all of the games in the game. The number of games will vary by bookmaker offering it, as well as the frequency. Some offer prediction games weekly, others monthly, while others are season long with prizes along the way. Below is a list of the betting sites that offer free to play and predict and win betting games.

Hollywoodbets Predict and Win

Hollywoodbets typically offer a weekly Predict and Win game, which is free to enter. Normally the game will just have one match which you have to predict the outcome for, however Hollywood have also run games where you need to predict the score and first goal scorer, as well as free games where you need to predict the outcome for 6 matches, or tournaments.
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Betway 4 to score

Betway South Africa have a great free to play game called Betway 4 to Score. It runs weekly and every week there is the chance for you to win R50 000. The game is simple and you need to correctly predict the first team to score in each of four predefined matches.
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Sportpesa Predictor Game

Sportpesa have partnered with Soccerladuma and launched a number of predictor games. These include the Sportpesa Predictor, Sportpesa England Predictor, Sportpesa LaLiga Predictor and Champions League Predictor.
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Sunbet Sun6 Prediction Game

Sunbet have a free game called Sunbet Sun6. It is only for the major European soccer leagues such as the EPL, Bundesliga etc. There are 6 matches and you need to predict the winner from each one to stand a chance to win weekly prizes, plus bigger prizes for top of the leaderboard winners.
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Supabets Predict and Win

This is offered weekly and there is typically 1 match that needs predicting. Supabets randomly select 3 winners who accurately predict the final score. Each winner will receive R500 in their SUPABETS bonus wallet.
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PlayBet Predict and Win

Playbet offer a monthly Predict a win game. It is free to enter, but you do need to have an account with them, and be fully FICA’d.
The main difference with the PlayBet Predict and Win game, is that the prize is not cash or betting vouchers. Rather you win vouchers at a number of merchants (you get to choose), such as Uber, Takelot etc.
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Sportingbet Predictor Game

Sportingbet have a fun prediction game, which is free to enter and you could win R25 000 weekly. The punter must accurately predict the minute the first goal will be scored in the featured soccer match. Sportingbet have various free games from time to time
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Interbet Laduma7

Interbet have a free prediction game called Laduma7. It is a weekly prediction game, where you need to predict the outcome of 7 games. Get them correct and you could win R100 000.