Betway 4 to Score

Betway South Africa have an excellent free to play game, they call Betway 4 To Score. The best thing about the Betway 4 to score game? It’s a completely free betting game and you could win R50 000 each week. Like a few of the other predict and win games, Betway only include the main 4 English Divisions. The difference however is that you are not predicting the outcome of the games. Rather you are predicting which team in each of the four divisions, will score first. This is quite a different take on a predict and win game and of course makes it quite a bit more difficult. However, with R50 000 on the line each week, from a potentially free bet, this is worth it. If no winner is eligible during a week, the prize will rollover, adding R10,000 every week up to a maximum of R100,000. If there are no goals scored in one (or more) of the eligible leagues, all selections will be deemed as losers.