eSports Battle Tips

Electronic Soccer has really taken off and one of the main leagues that players are betting on is called the FIFA Battle League. This is like the main league for all FIFA games, and includes the top European clubs. The FIFA Battle league is further broken up into a few sub-leagues, and these are the main European leagues themselves.

eSports FIFA Battle Predictions

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eSports Battle Champions League

The Battle Champions League consists of the teams that would normally make up the Champions League if it were being played. It includes teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG, Liverpool etc. It follows the same format as the regular league would, although at this stage there are less than the standard 22 teams participating.

Battle Champions League B

Battle Champions League B is like the Group B for the Champions League.
It consists of teams like Tottenham Hotspurs and Napoli.

eSports Battle English Premier League

The FIFA Battle English premier league is proving to be one of the most popular eSports sub-leagues playing at the moment. Teams playing in this league include Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. One of the best players at the moment in this league is Nikkitta.

eSports Battle CIS Cup

This Russian league consists of teams like Spartak Moscow, Shakhtar and CSKA.

eSports Battle German Bundesliga

Never say never with the Bundesliga eSports league as it proving to be very popular. There are teams like Bayern Munich, Leipzig,  and Borussia.

Given that there are no soccer games being played at the moment, we are getting soccer betting withdrawal symptoms. But, even though there is no real soccer betting, i.e. betting on real soccer games, it doesn’t mean you can’t bet on soccer. Far from it. Very recently, 3 soccer betting products have launched, which are definitely worth looking at. Below we will explain what these are and give you links to find out more information about them.

JIKA Sport

JIKA sport is a virtual soccer game. You get to watch a quick 6 minute virtual soccer game and bet on quite a few different betting markets. You also get to watch the game as it plays on the betting site you are betting with. The only concern is that watching the game will use some of your data. See our full write up about JIKA sport here.

Electronic Soccer

Electronic (or eSoccer) launched very recently. It is part of the eSports sector, in that players are playing online, on Playstation. Each team nominates a player to play on their behalf and you bet on that actual game. There are plenty of leagues and matches happening every single day. Plus you can bet on the same markets you would normally bet on with real soccer, although not as many. See our full wrote up for Electronic League Betting.

SRL or Simulated Reality League

This is a brand new and very interesting betting product. Betradar has taken the historical data for tens of thousands of soccer matches and used their system to make a prediction on exactly how a game will play out (as close as possible to the rel thing) based on all the variables they have. You watch the game on the betting site you are playing with but you don’t see actual players. Instead you see a little ball move around the soccer pitch. See our write up for Simulated Reality League (SRL) here.