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Hollysixa can be found by going on to the main landing page – hollywoodbets.net –  and scrolling down the left hand flank main menu directory.

The punter will have to find the ‘sports exotics’ link and click on it. This will reveal five more pages including soccer special, soccer pot, rugby special, score special and the hollysixa game.

Clicking on the tab will open a scorecard with six legs, with the punter having to choose a home win, draw or away win from all of the half a dozen encounters.

The headline of the scored says, “hollysixa, the date, INT Sixa, Grade 1. This is the name of the feature the date of the event, the status of matches (in this case International matches) and the grade of the bet type.

On the left flank a series of hollysixa events will be shown including grade 2 events – there is no difference between grades as far as the punter can discern.

The events are for scorecards for a variety of six-legged affairs covering the upcoming day and week.

This is essentially a multiple bet or a form of a six-leg jackpot.

Under the site’s main terms and conditions, after much scrolling, information regarding the hollysixa is provided but apart from stating the event is a six-leg mini jackpot feature there is a dearth in details.

The terms state that this is a six-legged affair, with punters having to decide whether the result of the contests will end in a home win, draw or away win.

It also states this is a daily event.

Apart from that there is almost nothing else to show on this feature with no maximum winnings, no minimum bet stake nor a ‘how to bet’ explanation.

The site also has a holly7 but again there is no detail apart from it being the same home, draw, away set-up.

There is evidence as advertised on the site there is a hollysixa feature, with both the main page offering the game – and the terms and conditions confirming this game as a legitimate option for subscribed punters.

From what is shown, a member may get more info once joining the site, but from a study of the platform little detail is available.

Research of the hollywoodbets own blog reveals far more details, and explains that this is not an actual jackpot, nor a multi bet but rather an exotic bet.

The blog states that a minimum bet is R6, and a player can choose one of three options per game on the six scheduled contests, picking either 1 (home win, 2 (draw or 3 (away win).

Since this is an exotic bet the win amount will only be decided after the games are played, differentiating it from a multi-bet (which shows odds and winnings right away).

The punter can also take a percentage dividend, from example playing a percentage of results for a reduced stake (example R5 for 83%).

This also differs from a multi-bet in that there are only six options and a punter cannot pick and choose many sporting events on the sportsbook.

It is disheartening that the rules, terms and conditions are not explained on the site proper, but rather searching for hollywoodbets.net blog.
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