Hollywoodbets Fantasy League Betting

Hollywoodbets have just launched a brand new betting product called Fantasy League Betting. Along with some of the other betting products they have recently launched (such as Jika Sports), they are really pushing hard to ensure players have plenty to bet on. This one combines playing a fantasy league game with fixed odds betting.

What is Fantasy League Betting?

You have the chance to choose and build your own soccer fantasy team from the players taking part in specific games. You are choosing your own fantasy team so you will need to select 11 players.
You then earn points based on these players behaviour in the real game, and the total points are added up after the game week. The more points, the better. Odds are then assigned to the points range you have earned to calculate the total odds for your bet, and then applied to your betslip. You can see below the points odds range example as well as the rules for earning below:
GK: Goalkeeper
DEF: Defender
MF: Midfielder
FOR: Forward

So, for example, if your defender scores a goal, you will earn 8 points, but if it were your midfielder you would earn 5 points.

#Rule descriptionGKDEFMFFOR
1For playing up to 60-minutes1111
2For playing 60-minutes or more2222
3For each goal scored8855
4For each goal assist5521
5For a clean sheet3310
6For every 3 shots saved2211
7For each penalty saved5000
8For each penalty miss0-2-2-2
9For every 3 goals conceded-1-100
10For a yellow card (if no red exists)-1-1-1-1
11For a red card-3-3-3-3
12For each own goal-2-2-2-2
13For every 3 corners won2211
14For every 3 shots off target00-2-2
15For every 3 fouls won0012
16For every 3 fouls committed-1-1-10
17For every 2 offsides provoked0100
player behaviour points
Points RangeOdds (Including Stake)
odds points range example

How to play Hollywoodbets Fantasy League Betting

You firstly need to have registered with Hollywoodbets and FICA’d your account. You then go to the Hollywoodbets mobile site and scroll down until you see the link for “Fantasy League Betting”, and then click “Play Now”.
Firstly choose a name for your team, and then start building it. There are a few criteria you need to build a team, which are:
• 11 Players
• Up to a maximum of four players from a single team (for example, you may only pick four Arsenal players in your side)
• One goalkeeper
• Three to six defenders
• Two to six midfielders
• One to three forwards

After you have built your team, you need to choose your Captain and Vice-Captain. To do this, click either the “c” fr Captain or the “vc” for Vice Captain, under each player. You need to think carefully here, as the Captain will earn double points (your Vice Captain is there in case your choice for Captain isn’t selected to play in the match). If your team is not built properly, the purple progress bar will still be purple. It turns orange when you are ready to move to the next stage.
Now, scroll down, enter your stake and take a look at your potential winning (total odds). Then click “Bet”

Hollywoodbets Fantasy League Betting Tips

Even though this is a Fantasy League game, it is still based on reality and on real player’s performance. This means, you can use your knowledge of how teams and players perform in real games to help guide your fantasy league betting predictions. If you know that a certain player scores well from the defender position, then you should include them as they can generate high points. If other players often get carded, you should stay away as those can cost you negative points.