eSports Battle Tips

Electronic Soccer has really taken off and one of the main leagues that players are betting on is called the FIFA Battle League. This is like the main league for all FIFA games, and includes the top European clubs. The FIFA Battle league is further broken up into a few sub-leagues, and these are the main European leagues themselves.

eSports FIFA Battle Predictions

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eSports Battle Champions League

The Battle Champions League consists of the teams that would normally make up the Champions League if it were being played. It includes teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG, Liverpool etc. It follows the same format as the regular league would, although at this stage there are less than the standard 22 teams participating.

Battle Champions League B

Battle Champions League B is like the Group B for the Champions League.
It consists of teams like Tottenham Hotspurs and Napoli.

eSports Battle English Premier League

The FIFA Battle English premier league is proving to be one of the most popular eSports sub-leagues playing at the moment. Teams playing in this league include Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. One of the best players at the moment in this league is Nikkitta.

eSports Battle CIS Cup

This Russian league consists of teams like Spartak Moscow, Shakhtar and CSKA.

eSports Battle German Bundesliga

Never say never with the Bundesliga eSports league as it proving to be very popular. There are teams like Bayern Munich, Leipzig,  and Borussia.