Soccer betting Strategies

There are a host of soccer betting strategies, for individual encounters, multi-bets and jackpot wagers, and millions of global punters make use of these services.
The soccer betting strategies can come in two forms, namely free soccer tips and access to the technology or from subscription-based models.
The bet blogs, sites and platforms who charge a fee claim to be at the cutting edge of the technological advance of these football strategies.
There is a host of bet-markets available as well, with experts claiming that some types of bets, like over/under 2.5, correct scores and both teams to score being real opportunities to win decent amounts.
The strategies range from the simple to the complicated and punters can take out a large part of guessing or endless hours of research by following various stratagems.
The reason for these strategies is to beat the bookmaker, using a combo of playing with the odds to the punter’s advantage to taking in thousands of variables, with the click of a button or a swipe of the debit card.
The most basic plan is to scour for value soccer betting, which means not looking at results as such but rather for bookmakers who have undervalued odds.
Value Soccer Betting
There is a lot of great stuff to learn from Value Soccer betting. What this means is that you aren’t particularly looking at a team to produce a result, you are just scouring a bookmaker to find some odds that the bookmaker has undervalued. An example is looking at odds on Burnley to beat Liverpool at home, with a bookmaker offering 4-1 odds of that happening. This means the home team has a 20% chance of winning. Now if research and form back the assertion, then best to leave the bet alone, but if a punter feels that Liverpool are missing Mane, Salah and Van Dijk then the odds creep up to 40%. This is an undervalued bet.
This is research intensive and time consuming and aims for a higher profit yield compared to the time spent on finding an undervalued bet. Many sites offer the service of doing away with the research by offering an odds comparison service, where they will do all the legwork, and for a fee, a punter can access the under-valued bet almost instantly.
Many soccer strategies look to decrease odds, like the over/under 2.5 plan. According to data, betting on this wager becomes a 50/50 bet, as opposed to a one in three (home win, draw or away win). This is a simplistic, mathematical viewpoint and does not take many variables such as form and fitness into account. From a numbers side, it makes some sense, given the odds are basically the same as a flip of the coin. Many sites do say that some research is needed, considering goals scored and conceded for the season, or past season, and if this seems to be more than 2.5 then a safe bet will be to place a wager on over 2.5. This is a basic example of a football strategy though and many more in-depth bets, or pools wagers stem from this very simple formula.
Another strategy is to place a bet before the match, and then follow the live in-play betting place a wager on the other team winning. This is hedging bets, and if done properly can shave a bot of the odds down.
If the odds price pans out the way a punter can calculate then it’s a win-win situation. Bookmakers are sharp to this tactic and often use the same algorithms across the globe, so finding such odds discrepancies is not as easy as it sounds. It does happen, and many platforms advocate this style of betting, although unless played in substantial amounts is a long-term strategy. Many sites have max limits to avoid this happening, so scouting platforms with higher max bets must be done in order for this to work.
Some other popular soccer betting strategies consist of finding different sites, with price boosts for multi-leg wagers, refund promos and accumulator rewards. Some betting sites offer 10% extra winnings while others offer 125% extra.
Other systems include double chances, which means placing a wager on home team to win or away team to win, effectively taking a two in three chance to come out a winner. The double chance will cost more, the odds are lower, but chances of winning are higher. There is also the use of free bets, especially from many sites, and many punters have won big using this promo.
There are thousands of sites that offer soccer strategies, but most are similar in that they play the percentages rather than the team or individual sports player.
Betfair for example offer punters the chance to hedge their bets, meaning selling or buying bets at different stages of a contest. Some bookmakers may offer slightly different odds on the same contest and if a punter can bet on both tennis players for example winning, and find comparable odds, they can make a small profit – again dependent on size of wager or maximum limit of certain betting platforms. This is also called sure betting or arbitrage. Another slightly riskier system is to bet on four outcomes (dependant on bet-market) out of a possible five, increasing chances of winning to 80%. Again, other variables must be considered.
There are thousands of platforms, sites and portals to search for the best soccer strategies but all work on a similar principle. Using some of these tactics will improve your chances of winning, especially use of promotions like refund betting, free bets, cash out and arbitrage.
Most sites show their win percentage records, but don’t always go rushing in and believing what you read as there are some platforms that are dodgy. Use the examples mentioned and a punter can have a better chance to win. Do soccer betting strategies work? Yes, if done correctly and without paying an arm and a leg for the advice.