Supersport SuperPicks Predictions

SuperSport SuperPicks 

The SuperSport SuperPicks is an exciting sports betting game (contest) that allows punters to enter into the running for a million prize every single week. The sports betting game is open to everyone for as long as they have attained the age of majority and hence are legally permitted to engage in gambling activities. 

To learn more about the SuperSport SuperPicks contest including how you play the game, then you just need to spare a few moments to go through this detailed guide. First, though, let’s check out how you register an account thatenables you to access the SuperPicks platform. 

How to Get Started with the SuperSport SuperPicks 

Like most online gambling services that punters engage in, the first requirement to satisfy those who want to enter the SuperPicks contest is to register an account on the platform the contest is offered via. In this instance, punters have to register their accounts on the SuperSport SuperPicks page. The steps to follow in doing this are as follows: 

  1. Start by launching the official website. Punters can use any device they want either a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to access the site. Moreover, the site launches on both devices running on either Android or iOS operating systems
  2. When the homepage loads, punters need to navigate to the menu bar and click the “Create an Account or Login” button
  3. A new screen will pop up prompting the punter to enter his/her mobile phone number
  4. Proceed by clicking the ‘Next’ button 
  5. Afterwards, the system will automatically detect if the number you entered is of a registered member or a new member. If it’s detected that it’s a new number, you will need to enter more details. Namely, these include choosing your preferred password, entering your first name and last name (as it appears on the national ID card/passport), date of birth, and email address
  6. Confirm that you agree and accept SuperPicks’ Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy by tapping the corresponding button. In performing this action, you will also acknowledge that you are above the age of 18 
  7. Choose whether to receive marketing information from SuperPicks and The MultiChoice Group or not by tapping the corresponding button 
  8. Complete the process by clicking the ‘Create Account’ button. 

*Note that after completing the above steps, you are asked to confirm and authenticate your account by clicking the link that is sent to your email address

How to Play the SuperSport SuperPicks Contest 

After registering your account, all that’s left is to start playing the game. In doing this, the first thing that you need to note is that the SuperPicks contest is a sports betting game that requires you to predict the match outcome (by exact scores) of preselected football events. Often, the preselected football events cover matches from the English Premier League but there are also instances in which other leagues including the local South African Premiership are covered. 

There is a total of six preselected events for each contest. Each contest runs for one week meaning players have 5 or so days to make their predictions. For each successful correct score prediction, punters receive 5 points. Getting the correct match outcome but wrong scores will see the punter receive 2 points. No points are awarded for an unsuccessful correct score prediction and match outcome prediction. Those who get all correct score predictions (100%) win the jackpot prize while those who get the match outcome predictions correct but with unsuccessful correct score predictions enter into the running for a consolation prize. 

After predicting the correct score outcome of all the six preselected football events, the next step is to answer the tiebreaker question. To answer the tiebreaker question, you need to specify the exact time when the first goal will be scored in all of the six preselected events. 

Note that the answer you provide for the tiebreaker question will only be considered when your predictions tie with those of someone else. In case the tiebreaker fails to separate two or more jackpot prize winners (with the winners having entered the same tiebreaker answer), the dead heat rule comes into play. The rule stipulates that the jackpot prize is split equally and awarded to all the winners. 

SuperSport SuperPicks Prize Money 

The prize money for the SuperPicks contest is pegged at a whopping R2,000,000! The prize is awarded to those who place successful predictions for all the six preselected events. With the SuperPicks contest running every week, it means punters stand a chance of becoming instant millionaires every week. 

Note that there is a consolation prize of up to R30,000 awarded when playing the SuperPicks game. The consolation prize however is only awarded when there is no jackpot winner. The consolation prize is awarded to the user who got the most accurate score predictions in the contest.

How to Enter the SuperPicks Contest 

Even more impressive when it comes to the SuperSport SuperPicks contest is that you don’t need to load funds in your account first before placing your bets. Rather, playing the game is for free. Once you set up your account, you can proceed straight to placing your bets hence entering into the running for the R2 million weekly prize! 

SuperSport SuperPicks Betting Features 

To enhance the betting experiences of all punters, SuperPicks availed several betting features that make the betting adventure more fun and above all, enterprising. Namely, the features include: 

  • Match Stats: Match stats allow punters to see how the action is unfolding on the field of play in real-time. Punters therefore can get a picture of whether their bets are likely to succeed or not even when an event is in session. 
  • Insights: The Insights feature allows punters to see how other punters are placing their bets. A percentage meter is provided to show the range of punters who are predicting a win for the Home Team, those predicting a win for the Away Team, and those predicting a Draw. Punters don’t necessarily need to follow the percentages displayed in placing their bets but rather, they are guided as to which team is considered the favourite hence highly likely to win, and which one is considered the underdog hence expected to lose. 

The Referral Bonus

Punters at SuperPicks may generate their unique referral link which they can share with friends and family. If any of the punter’s referrals win the jackpot prize, the punter in turn receives a cool R50,000 bonus!

Round Up 

For all those who love engaging in sports betting more specifically football betting, the SuperSport SuperPicks games allow them to engage in their favourite pastime at any time throughout the week. Those who place successful bets stand a chance of becoming instant millionaires! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. What happens when a preselected event goes to extra time? 

The SuperPicks Contest only considers the score at the end of the 90-minute regulation time including any stoppage and injury time added. Extra time does not count. 

Q2. What if more than one person gets the scores 100% correct? 

The tiebreaker question and answer come into play once more than one person gets the scores 100% correct. the person with the closest tiebreaker answer will be awarded the jackpot prize. 

Q3. Is there a consolation prize awarded when playing the SuperPicks game? 

Yes, there is a consolation prize of up to R30,000 awarded when playing the SuperPicks game. the consolation prize however is only awarded when there is no jackpot winner. The consolation prize is awarded to the user who got the most accurate score predictions in the contest. 

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