Pool betting versus fixed odds betting

In South Africa, Sportstake and Soccer 13 are extremely popular and each and every week punters put in a lot of money in order for them to win their own share of the pool. What makes these soccer pools popular is the fact that the jackpots are usually high which makes these pools highly lucrative. Pools betting is a form of betting where every player’s stake is combined into a single pot and then divided between whoever predicts the correct outcomes of the pool.
The primary difference between pools betting and fixed odds betting is how the winnings are calculated. In fixed odds betting you are playing against the bookie, who will give you your odds at the time of bet placement. As such you are able to calculate your winnings before you know whether you’ve won. In pools betting though, the bookmaker simply creates and hosts the pools with you, the player, competing against other players for a share of the jackpot that you have collectively created with your contributions.
At the moment, Sportstake has a total of three soccer pools namely Sportstake 4, Sportstake 8 and Sportstake 13 but the general idea behind all these pools is that in order for you to win the jackpot, you must correctly predict all the matches available in that pool. All these pools are parimutuel meaning that if there is more than one winner, the prize will be equally shared amongst the winners. It is also important to note that when it comes to pool betting, the matches are pre-selected for you and you do not have to select the matches yourself. Soccer 13 is also similar to Sportstake 13 in many respects as you have to predict the outcome of 13 pre-selected matches and if you get all the 13 predictions correct, you will win the jackpot.

It is also important to realise and acknowledge that betting with a bookie is also extremely popular, even more popular than pool betting because this form of betting quite popular due to the freedom it gives to the punters. When you bet with a bookmaker, you have the freedom of selecting your own matches and including your own number of matches. When you bet with a bookmaker, you need to identify the match or matches you wish to bet on and each match can have up to 200 or more betting markets, select your betting option/s and place your bet. Please note that when placing your bets, you can select the stake that best suits your budget. Betting on fixed odds with a bookmaker is an individual process and you will have your payout all to yourself.

What are the benefits of betting on pools?
This betting technique gives an equal chance to all punters who bet in the pool.
The lack of odds means that everyone stakes a small fixed amount and is eligible to bet.
If you place an unlikely bet and are correct, then you stand to get something out of the pool.
You can stake your preferred amount if you want to enhance your chances of winning.

What are the benefits of betting on fixed odds with a bookmaker?
Odds are available in this type of betting so you will know the potential payout at the time of betting.
The payout is 100% yours, you will not share it with anyone.
You have the freedom of choosing the number of games in your bet, it can be a single bet or a multibet.
You have the freedom to select the matches an markets you wish to bet on.
There are several markets available.

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