PlayBet Predict and Win

Playbet have also launched a free to play Predict and Win game. They seem to release a new one each month. See details of it at the bottom of this page. We provide predictions for the latest PlayBet Predict and Win Competition

This pool has ended. It will be updated as soon as the new Soccer Pool is announced. Click here to see match tips for Today's matches

Playbet giveaway 1 of 5 R500 vouchers to the winners, each month. To enter the competition, entrants must correctly predict the 3way outcome for the games that appear on their predictor form. Only one entry per person, and the first five persons with the most correct predictions will be the monthly winners.
You don’t win cash though, but rather the prize will be 1 of 5 R500 Takealot, Mr Price or Uber vouchers according to your submitted choice. In the event that no entrant guesses all results correctly, the prize will go to the entrant with the most correct results.

This competition is open to the public. You will, however, need a FICA compliant Playbet account in order to claim your prize. Prize will not be released until you meet these requirements and will expire after 30 days of failing to FICA.

Full details and to enter go here