Mobile Betting

There is a large number of people who think that mobile betting is the same as betting on the desktop. Well, they are right in the sense that both mobile betting and betting on a desktop both involve placing bets online without the need to make a trip to a betting shop, but there are some distinct differences between the two.

What is mobile betting

Mobile betting involves playing games of chance (sports betting, lucky numbers, casino, etc) for money using an internet connected remote device such as a tablet computer, smartphone or a mobile phone.
The availability of internet and the affordability of internet connected devices such as smartphones led to the introduction of mobile betting and mobile betting has become so popular that several bookmakers only have mobile sites because they generate most of their traffic through mobile. Several other SA bookmakers have mobile Apps and this is because they have realised the power of mobile betting.

Is Mobile Betting and Betting on a Desktop similar
As we have earlier explained, mobile, desktop and in-house betting is similar in the sense that all these betting methods involve the placing of bets on a number of betting products, and this is of course the core reasons why people bet.
The differences between mobile online betting and desktop betting mostly relate to the wagering process and the visuals and the reason is that smartphones have smaller screens than desktops and laptops so the appearance will obviously differ. It is important to have a proper definition of Desktop betting which is a form of betting where you use a website and this form of betting allows you to bet with comfort and ease, playing at your leisure. Below is a list of some of the differences between mobile and desktop betting:
1. Convenience
Mobile betting is obviously more convenient than desktop betting especially if one is using a deskpot PC because mobile betting allows a punter to bet at any point from wherever they may be but the same cannot be said about Desktop betting because one obviously cannot carry a Desktop PC around, A laptop is a bit portable but then it also requires Wifi in order to connect easily to the internet.
2. Display/Interface
This is probably one area where a desktop is superior because the desktop has a big screen size and therefore everything is displayed in a clear way for punters to view. Mobile sites though not as great as desktop sites also have a great user interface because bookmakers optimise their websites such that they can be comfortably viewed from any mobile device.

How Do You Place Bets on a Mobile Device?
There is no definitive way of mobile betting and the reason is because each bookmaker has a different layout, but the basics are the same, so below is a general way of placing a mobile sports bet.
In order to bet on a mobile device, you must:
Log into your betting account using a mobile device
Click on the sport you want to bet on.
Navigate to the game you want to bet on.
Enter your stake.
Confirm your wager.